The Bwgan Paranormal Society

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A warm welcome to all our new visitors. You are now on The Bwgan Paranormal Society's official website. Please use the links on top of the page to navigate.

Recent News 

Haunted Locations Page Added

A list of our chosen haunted locations can be found on this page. On this page you can find a list of locations that have alleged paranormal activity occur. They are in no particular order and the locations range from country to country around the world. Enjoy!

 Media Gallery added - 02/10/13

The Media Gallery is now available. Here you will find videos and pictures of our investigations. Members will be able to comment their thoughts, which we highly urge members to do so, as all comments are read and taken into account. 

 TBPS Family Terms and Conditions Updated - 30/09/13

From the 30th September 2013, groups now wishing to apply for TBPS Family membership must agree to updated terms and conditions set out here. Existing TBPS Family members will not be affected by this.

Groups wishing to apply for TBPS Family membership will now automatically be redirected to a page setting out the requirements of membership and also explaining what penalties will incur if these are found to be breached while under membership. Potential applicants will also need to agree to these before applying.

 Website update - 24/09/13 

The Bwgan Paranormal Society's website has undergone a makeover, along with a new logo. The website has been changed to become more simpler to navigate, creating more of a user friendly feel. Along with this, a new colour scheme too.

Included with the site update is a brand new logo to go with it. The logo represents where our group hails from. This is shown with a green Celtic cross; Wales being a Celtic country and green is one of the national colours. The words 'TBPS' are in front with the colour red, another national colour of Wales.

More content will be added in the short future, so keep an eye out for new updates!

Latest video - watch in Media Gallery

What to be part of a family of paranormal groups that hail from around the world? If you run or are a part of a paranormal group then why not have your group represented on our TBPS Family page. Paranormal army unite! Apply here!

Do you have an EVP? Send it to us for our professional opinion and we may feature it on our website.

Think you've captured something paranormal? Why not send us your pictures for our professional opinion and it may feature on our website.