The Bwgan Paranormal Society

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A warm welcome to all our new visitors. You are now on The Bwgan Paranormal Society's official website. Please use the links on top of the page to navigate.

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 Media Gallery added 

The Media Gallery is now available. Here you will find videos and pictures of our investigations. Members will be able to comment their thoughts, which we highly urge members to do so, as all comments are read and taken into account. 

Latest video - watch in Media Gallery

What to be part of a family of paranormal groups that hail from around the world? If you run or are a part of a paranormal group then why not have your group represented on our TBPS Family page. Paranormal army unite! Apply here!

Do you have an EVP? Send it to us for our professional opinion and we may feature it on our website.

Think you've captured something paranormal? Why not send us your pictures for our professional opinion and it may feature on our website.