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Safely using an Ouija Board

The ouija board is typically a wooden board with letters and numbers imprinted around in a circular pattern. It involves using a planchette to communicate with the dead. 

Some people do not understand that using a Ouija board without prior knowledge of the possible consequences can result in unpleasant or unwanted experiences with the paranormal. This guide is purely to warn people or guide them on what to expect, what to do and what NOT to do. The Bwgan Paranormal Society advise against the use of Ouija boards entirely.

Please read through the below points before considering using an Ouija Board. These points are based on the research conducted by our team, and the experiences of others.
  • Ouija boards invite ghosts/spirits into your home, and if you do not close the session properly after using the board, these entities can roam your home freely.

  • Many of the ghosts/spirits that you communicate with can be negative. If you feel that you are in contact with a bad entity, or strange things happen (for example, if the planchette goes backwards through the alphabet) close the session immediately by moving the planchette to 'Goodbye'.

  • Many ghosts/spirits you contact may be your deceased relatives. But this isn't always the case. Some negative ghosts/spirits can impersonate your relatives to gain your confidence. Ask them questions that only they would know to confirm that they are in-fact your relatives. Be warned though, some demons can also do this.

  • Never use an Ouija board alone. This makes you more venerable to negative ghosts/spritis, or even demons. Always be with someone.

  • Never ask about how they died, or ask about your future. Asking how they died can make them angry. Asking about your future can cause problems.

  • Never intimidate ghosts/spirits. This can lead to an unwanted attachment.

  • Never ask them to cause paranormal activity around you or ask them to harm you or people around you. This is just inviting them into your home.

  • If the planchette moves in a circular motion, end the session immediately. 

  • If the planchette makes figure 8 movements, end the session immediately. This is a sign of a negative entity.

  • If the planchette goes backwards through the alphabet, end the session immediately.This is a sign of a negative entity.

  • If the planchette happens to spell out 'Zozo', we advise you end the session immediately by moving the planchette to 'Goodbye'. Zozo is known as a demon.

Safety steps , Precautions and Preparation

The Bwgan Paranormal Society never recommend people to use an Ouija board. If you do choose to use one: beforehand please read these points which will guide you to use an Ouija board safely. However, even taking these safety steps and precautions, this may not completely protect you from unwanted visitors. It is never a good idea to use an Ouija board.

  • During set up, light candles around you, or sprinkle a circular shape of salt around you. This can offer you protection. Also grab a pen and a piece of paper to write down anything that the pointer is writing out.

  • When you have set everything up, everyone involved should put their index finger on top of the planchette. Then, move the planchette in circular motions about five times.

  • Once you have, say something that will offer you protection. Such as: "Please surround us in light to ward of negative entities and protect us from anything that is evil. Only invite the positive and abolish the negative. Thank you."

  • To start contact, say: "Is there anyone there?". Repeat if necessary. Once contact is appointed, freely ask them questions you deem you need to know. Again, do not ask how they died or ask about your future.

  • If the planchette appears to move, ask everyone around you if they are moving it purposely. This can abolish any scientific reason why it is moving.

  • Once you have finished, say: "We wish to finish contact." and move the planchette to 'Goodbye'. <- YOU SHOULD ALWAYS FOLLOW THIS STEP. If you fail to do so, it is possible that ghosts/spirits will freely roam your home and can lead to an unwanted attachment.

The Bwgan Paranormal Society will not be held responsible for any possible consequences or outcomes of using an Ouija Board. It is highly recommended that you do not use an Ouija board, as it can cause unwanted paranormal activity and can be very dangerous. Many hauntings are actually caused by using an Ouija board. This page is purely a guide and not to encourage use of an Ouija board.