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St James' Graveyard - Holywell, North Wales

This spooky 18th century graveyard is certainly rife with paranormal activity. With reports of sightings of figures and attacks at the graveyard are also reported.

At some point, works had to be done to the site and all of the graves were moved to a different area and left in a poor state. Could this be the cause of all the activity? 

The graveyard also has a myth - a local urban legend that a pirate is buried there and he is the one haunting the graveyard, protecting it from unwanted visitors - could he be the one responsible for the attacks? Maybe we'll never know, but the graveyard certainly has an unsettled and creepy atmosphere, which combined with the poor decrepit state it is in, is probably the reason why it rarely has visitors.

Denbigh Asylum - Denbigh, North Wales

Built in 1848 to house people with psychiatric illnesses, this large impressive Victorian structure has seen much death and suffering. This place also housed patients who were criminally insane. Some were subjected to lobotomy procedures and even suicides are recorded here. 

The hospital was finally closed in 1995 after reforms, it has since lay empty and abandoned. The building is subject to vandalism and arson. Over the years the structure is slowly being destroyed as many of the roofs and floors have collapsed. Therefore paranormal investigations here are dangerous and should be taken with caution. Permission is required to access the site.

A location very well known to be haunted. Hundreds of sightings and weird happenings have been witnessed, including figures standing in the windows and mysterious noises and screams are also heard. Many paranormal investigators consider this place a hotspot. The British TV program Most Haunted conducted one of their live shows here which was viewed by hundreds of thousands throughout the country.

Disclaimer: Locations listed here have been selected by the Bwgan Paranormal Society team. We absolutely condone any sort of illegal activities of trespassing, vandalism and destruction of property. We encourage our site visitors not to pursue visiting these locations/sites without express permission by the owner unless it is open to the public. The locations/sites listed on this page are entirely for educational purposes in the paranormal field.