The Bwgan Paranormal Society

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Investigation #1 - Brynford Road Bungalow


Just outside of Holywell Town Centre - a small bungalow situated on the side of Brynford Road, is appearantly haunted. The Bungalow, believed to be built just after the second world war, is surrounded by buildings much much older than itself. Holywell is often referred to as "The Historic Town of Holywell" because of it's historic buildings - including St Winifred's Well. It is widely believed that the county of Flintshire, where Holywell is located, is one of the most haunted counties in Wales. So, it is not suprising that there have been many sightings of supposed ghosts/spirits, and recorded hauntings. The place we are investigating isn't old compared to the others surrounding it. However, the bungalow has been built on top of what was other old buildings that once stood in that spot. 

Facts/Sightings -

  •  House is currently (as of July 2012) unoccupied. The past owner had the bungalow repossessed.
  • Built on an old sight of previous buildings.
  • House was built roughly after the second world war - making it at least 50+ years old.
  • Situated next to Brynford Road, which has many old buildings - some as early as 1790.
  • Work men currently working on the Bungalow for repairs (July 2012) have reported strange occurrences in the house. Including - footsteps, shuffling as if someone was doing something, and being constantly watched. All of the work men have been in the building on their own, and when experiencing these weird occurrences have checked the Bungalow for any intruder - and found themselves to be alone.
  • More eyewitness sightings to be gathered.

 Bungalow investigation - 22nd July 2012.

Start: 7:00PM

Notes: The team closed all of the windows in the building prior.

As we entered the building it was totally empty of any furniture. The bungalow had just been recently refurbished as it was going to be rented out. The bungalow was very small, only a few rooms all squished together. As we began our investigation, my team member Richard, suddenly started to feel sick.

Evidence 1: Feeling of sickness - DEBUNKED: The bungalow had recently been painted, therefore paint fumes were present. Team Lead Member Lewis also smelt it.

We went throughout the whole bungalow asking questions and trying to capture evidence of paranormal activity. For a while, nothing occurred. However, we both heard a noise coming from the living area, as we went to investigate, it was apparent that a piece of metal had been thrown to the floor in front of the fireplace. Previously, we had a look around the house and there was two thin metal pieces on top of the fireplace. We could not explain how or why this piece of thin metal would fall off the fire place on it's own.

Evidence 2: Falling thin piece of metal - UNEXPLAINED: All of the windows were closed during the investigation, eliminating any possible draft. The metal piece was a few feet away from the fireplace, if it fell off the edge of the fireplace, it would have fallen next to it, not a few feet away. We also heard a noise of something coming from the living area, so this piece of metal on the floor could explain this noise.

Throughout the whole investigation there was a few cold spots in the house, more prominent in the Kitchen area and living area. During our investigation, we did use a dictatorphone to capture any possible EVP's. Unfortunately, we did not capture any EVP's during the investigation that were conclusive. However, we did capture one strange noise on the camera, it sounds like a woman but we could not make out what it is saying.

Evidence 3: Woman's Voice? - INCONCLUSIVE: This specific EVP was captured on one of our cameras in the Kitchen area. As my team member Richard left the kitchen you can hear a women's voice slightly, she only speaks one word. This EVP was inconclusive as you cannot make out the words.

Investigation complete.

Investigation 2 - St. James' Graveyard


Part of St. Winifred's Well, St. James' graveyard is now a defunct resting place for the dead. The graveyard is very old, earliest gravestones read 1700s+. It is not longer used as a burial place for the deceased. The graveyard was orignally much larger, however various work has been done to the graveyard which has resulted in it's size being decreased. Gravestones have been moved and it is not known if the bodies were moved with them, so they're could be numerous unmarked graves. There is also a rumour that a pirate is buried there, and that he haunts the graveyard. There is no confirmation of this.

St James' Graveyard Investigation - October 2010

The graveyard was empty at the time we arrived. Nobody was present except me, team member Richard, and my two other friends. We decided to go to the section of the graveyard where the supposed Pirate is buried. As we were calling out, we heard footsteps coming from the side of the graveyard. It sounded like somebody was walking on leaves, and they were crunching as they were walking on them. I decided to investigate and went further torwards the footsteps, as I did then suddenly stopped. I was taking pictures after this happened hoping to capture whatever was causing it, however I felt something push me from behind, and I subsequently fell over face down to the floor. Before this happened, I was provoking the spirits in to doing something, which now I regret. After this happened my team member, Richard, and my two other friends present noticed that there was a muddy imprint of a hand on the back of my jacket, where I was pushed. We all left after the pushing incident because we felt it would be to dangerous to continue the investigation.

The muddy handprint on my jacket was completley strange. I was pushed from behind and fell face forward to the floor. No mud could of got on the back of my jacket as I said previously, I fell forward, not backwards. 

Investigation shortened.